I present to you Ada, a digital marketing app to help creators schedule posts in Facebook groups. The beauty of Ada is it’s not limited to Facebook groups. Ada can post to any online community. Posting to Slack, Discord, Hackernews, Reddit, even Product Hunt is within your reach.

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A preview of Ada, a digital marketing app to help creators schedule their post in Facebook groups.

I was tired of waking up at 1AM. While in Hawaii, I noticed a lack of engagement in some Facebook groups. Normally I post at 8 AM CT, but I didn’t realize 8AM HST meant I was posting at 2PM eastern time zone where most group members were located.

The 6 hour time difference was hurting my indiehacker, solo-entrepreneur chances of success. Naturally, I decided to wake up earlier to post. Big mistake. I hated it!

For a few weeks I woke up basically at midnight to prepare content for the group. Some of it went well, other posts totally flopped but each time I was MISERABLE. I’m all-in on myself, however no losing sleep due to work is where I draw the line.

I needed a better way to make my social media posting window sustainable. Current scheduling tools only let admins schedule posts on Facebook Groups. You are out of luck as a member. At this point I decided to do what I know how to do best, I built my own tool to solve my own problem! The best part is it only took me 4 hours to build a working version since I was able to reuse a lot of my Python code.

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