Multithreading, Multiprocessing and the NodeJS event loop

I recently had an interviewer ask me about multithreading in NodeJS. I claimed to be proficient in NodeJS but the interviewer, as well as myself, quickly recognized there were a few fundamentals concepts I had not taken the time to research. After the interview I decided to read up on the NodeJS event loop and […]

A digital marketing app to schedule posts to Facebook Groups

I present to you Ada, a digital marketing app to help creators schedule posts in Facebook groups. The beauty of Ada is it’s not limited to Facebook groups. Ada can post to any online community. Posting to Slack, Discord, Hackernews, Reddit, even Product Hunt is within your reach. If you want to supercharge your digital […]

Building an AI copilot with Google PaLM 2 – Part 1

With all the buzz around GPT4 by OpenAI, I’ve been searching for the answer to my burning question, can generative AI help me code faster? Today the answer is Yes-ish. Here is a short demo showing how I made a quick and dirty AI copilot to help me code using Google’s next generation large language […]